The iHeatPanel supplies above-average surface temperatures to deliver comfortable, fast-acting radiant heat to premises. This is done with direct IR panel heating – and without wasteful heat losses through carriers like metal pipes or other kinds of water tubing.

The difference

iHeatPanel provides higher power and surface temperature by area in contrast other infrared panel producers. All of the materials used in our production process are strictly controlled to exceed the highest world standards of quality and durability.

Versatile and dependable:
An extensive range of properties have been fitted with our radiant glass systems: homes, flats, offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, and various other industrial, commercial, and institutional applications. Silent-operation glass iHeatPanels have no moving parts to wear down and replace.

Installation method

Our high-temperature infrared iHeatPanels are designed for ceiling-mounted installation. This orientation guarantees the highest radiant efficiency and uniform heat coverage for the room in which the panel is installed.