Our many years of passion for distinctive and special heating has ultimately resulted in a collection of icons that fully meet our highest quality requirements.

Our company is located on the Veesteeg-West industrial estate at De Onderstal 11 in Beneden Leeuwen (near Tiel) The Netherlands, where we have been offering and producing our high-frequency radiant heat and revolutionary heating for years in an innovative way.

From brilliant idea to international success

Since 1999, the iHeatpanel © from Maxxinno has been the very first serious alternative to space heating where a central heating gas installation or a heat pump is superfluous. With convection heating by a central heating or heat pump, heating is done by means of air displacement. We are all familiar with the so-called cold bridges that allow heat to disappear through ventilation ducts, window ventilation, an extractor hood or open windows and doors. This creates a lot of heat loss. The heat that has risen from the ceiling is also not in the part of the room where you would have the most comfort.

Continuous innovation and further development is in our blood and also in the DNA of the Maxxinno company itself. The technical insight and the ability to innovate were and will always remain extremely important and ensure continuity within our company.


With Maxxinno’s HR panels you not only save about 35% on heating costs, but you also save the environment. The fact that sustainability is considered by Maxxinno in all possible aspects is also evident from the fact that a lot of attention is paid to the packaging. Above all, this must offer a lot of protection to the products, but must also not be harmful to the environment. The panels can also be fully recycled, emit no Co2, consume very little electricity and are fully certified. The lifespan under normal use is no less than 25-30 years and that is maintenance-free!